Arunprabha Foundation

Arunprabha Foundation is a trusted NGO, working towards creating a healthier and happier community. We are working towards the betterment of society, since 2016 and our work is spread through the entire Maharashtra, India.

We are currently offering help to autistic children in the process of their independence in society. Also, we are working to create awareness about women’s health, healthy eating, hygiene practices, and environmental conservation.

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Our Focus Areas are:

Pregnant women

  1. Creating Awareness about Consuming Iron and Calcium Tablets
  2. Creating Awareness about Tetanus (TT) Vaccination during Pregnancy
  3. Creating Awareness about Nutrition during Pregnancy
  4. Connecting Women Government Schemes and Benefits
  5. Creating Awareness about Family Planning

Lactating mothers

  1. Creating Awareness about Feeding Colostrum
  2. Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices for the First Six Months
  3. Creating Awareness about Nutrition during Lactation
  4. Creating Awareness about Hygiene Practices

Early childhood (0 – 5 years)

  1. Linking with the Government Hospitals or Aganwadi for Vaccination
  2. Creating Awareness about following Vaccination Schedule
  3. Creating Awareness about Nutrition during Early Childhood
  4. Connecting With Government Schemes and Benefits
  5. Creating Awareness and Treating Early Childhood undernourishment

Adolescence (10 – 19 years)

  1. Creating Awareness and Providing Treatment for Adolescent Girls Anemia
  2. Creating Awareness about Nutrition during Adolescence
  3. Promoting Girl Child Education
  4. Creating Awareness about the Use of Sanitary Napkins during Menstruation and Hygiene Practices

Lifestyle-Induced Disorders

  1. Creating Awareness about Nutrition to Control Lifestyle-Induced Disorders
  2. Creating Awareness about Lifestyle Changes
  3. Providing Homoeopathic Treatment


  1. Creating Awareness about Importance Education
  2. Establishing Multiple Libraries


  1. Skill-Building Workshops
  2. Connecting children & their Families with the Government Scheme
  3. Providing Specialized Therapies

Environmental conservation

  1. Creating Awareness about Environment Conservation Practices

However, creating awareness and building a healthier community requires continuum care. We are creating an impact on society with the support of incredible people like you.